December 20, 2017

Bill Clinton Called Johnson Controls “One Of My Favorite Companies”

What (Really) Happened, Day #25

Between his secret meeting with Loretta Lynch and the lies about his income, Bill Clinton was a nightmare on the campaign trail.

One of his cringe-worthy moments involved the Wisconsin company Johnson Controls.

For months, Hillary Clinton tried to make Johnson Controls the poster-child for tax inversions, a financial maneuver that many companies use as a means of reducing their tax burden. She called the Wisconsin company’s tax planning “outrageous” and proposed an “exit tax” to stop similar moves from happening.

In February 2016, her campaign even released a TV ad criticizing the company. The title of the ad was pretty blunt: “Johnson Controls.”

One month later, though, Bill Clinton stepped in it — accidentally admitting to a crowd at a campaign event how much he admired the company.

“At the same time that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been bashing Johnson Controls Inc. in speeches and television ads for moving its corporate headquarters to Ireland as part of a planned merger with Tyco International,” the Milwaukee Business Journal reported, “her husband, Bill Clinton, called the firm ‘one of my favorite companies’ and praised the work it had done in the clean energy sector during an event in North Carolina this week.”

It’s easy to make fun of Hillary Clinton for not visiting Wisconsin until after the election when she wanted to promote her book. But, with surrogates like this, maybe it’s best she never did.