December 01, 2017

David Brock Groveled To Bernie Sanders After Hillary Clinton Lost

What (Really) Happened, Day #16

David Brock — the white-haired wizard who transformed from a ‘90s-era Hillary Clinton-hater into her number-one-fan — made a number of memorable contributions to Democrats’ loss in 2016:

1. His super PAC spent $1 million creating a fake outrage machine on social media aimed at Clinton’s detractors, including Bernie Sanders voters.

2. He tried to pressure Bernie Sanders into releasing his medical records, implying the senator wasn’t healthy enough to be president.

3. His super PAC linked Bernie Sanders to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

4. He said that “black lives don’t matter much to Bernie Sanders.”


One of the best moments, though, was what happened after Election Day. After all of these attacks (and a lot more) on Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton lost the most winnable election in American history — and, in doing so, became completely obsolete in the world of politics.

It took Brock a mere ten days into the New Year to disown the candidate he had spent several years supporting, turn around, and come groveling back to Bernie Sanders, penning a pathetic 1,400-word “I’m So Sorry” post on Medium to make sure that he and his groups didn’t become obsolete, too.

For many, Brock’s sudden “apology” reminded them of the caricature that had long followed the Clintons around: “With you when they need you.”

“I don’t expect anyone to accept one Medium post at face value, especially in a cynical town like Washington,” he told the Washington Post.

And, for once, David Brock was right.