November 30, 2017

David Brock Said “Black Lives Don’t Matter Much To Bernie Sanders”

What (Really) Happened, Day #15

Literally a single week after David Brock faced nationwide blowback from Democratic primary voters for pressuring Bernie Sanders to release his medical records, he managed to go a step further.

Of all the whacky and outlandish policies that the senator from Vermont had proposed — all of which Hillary Clinton’s allies could have picked apart in an intelligent way — Brock decided instead to dismiss Sanders as a racist.

In January 2016, the Media Matters founder told the Associated Press that “it seems black lives don’t matter much to Bernie Sanders” . . . because of a television ad the Sanders campaign ran that Brock claimed wasn’t representative enough of the country’s demographics.

If progressive-leaning voters weren’t already turned off by Clinton’s candidacy at that point, they certainly were after the unnecessary insult.

Hillary Clinton made the same mistake several months later when she followed this playbook, dismissing millions of Republican voters as “deplorable” racists and suggesting that there was an explicit racist undertone to President Trump’s campaign motto, “Make America Great Again” — even though Bill Clinton coined it.