December 12, 2017

Harry Reid Convinced Barack Obama To Run Against Hillary Clinton

What (Really) Happened, Day #21

There are a lot of things that Hillary Clinton did to annoy Democrats in Nevada.

She refused to take a stance on Yucca Mountain. Then it was revealed that her allies at the Podesta Group — which once vehemently opposed Yucca Mountain — were accepting money to lobby on behalf of the facility’s biggest supporter. Then Clinton attended a fundraiser at the home of a Yucca Mountain contractor.

The list goes on. But one Nevada Democrat didn’t seem to like Hillary Clinton from the get-go: Senator Harry Reid.

Rewind to the 2007-2008 presidential campaign. Officially, most Senate Democrats remained “neutral” in the primary. Unofficially, though, Reid had quietly (and secretly) urged Obama to run for president.

According to the 2010 book “Game Change,” as summarized by Jon Ralston, Reid was pushing the Illinois senator to run against Clinton “partly out of fears about a Hillary Clinton candidacy (and Bill Clinton’s vulnerabilities).”

Reid and Schumer even reportedly urged Obama World “to take Hillary off their hands” after she lost the campaign and returned to the U.S. Senate, apparently proposing an appointment within the administration (and out of Congress).

As James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal has noted, nearly all of Hillary Clinton’s biggest problems in the 2016 campaign — from her missteps on Benghazi to the email scandal to the Clinton Foundation — “can be traced to her decision to leave the Senate and join the Obama administration.”

So Harry Reid urged a Democratic opponent to run against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary. She lost. And then Reid urged President Obama take Clinton off of their hands in the Senate. He appointed her, and her tenure at State was used almost singlehandedly to defeat her in 2016.

That’s quite a one-two punch from the former boxer.