November 21, 2017

Hillary Clinton Inspired A Liberal Magazine To Break Precedent (And Endorse Against Her)

What (Really) Happened, Day #10

In January 2016, only a few weeks before the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton inspired a liberal political magazine to break precedent — in order to endorse her opponent.

In The Nation’s 150-year existence, the magazine had only TWICE cared enough to endorse a candidate in the primary. For Hillary Clinton, it made an exception and endorsed Bernie Sanders.

From the editorial:

“[T]he limits of a Clinton presidency are clear. Her talk of seeking common ground with Republicans and making deals to ‘get things done’ in Washington will not bring the change that is so desperately needed.

“Clinton has not ruled out raising the Social Security retirement age, and her plan falls short of increasing benefits for all. . . .

“On foreign policy, Clinton is certainly seasoned, but her experience hasn’t prevented her from getting things wrong. Clinton now says that her 2002 vote to authorize George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq was a mistake, but she apparently learned little from it. . . . If elected, Clinton will be another ‘war president’ at a time when America desperately needs peace.”


You get the point. That lack of confidence from Democratic primary voters takes a special kind of effort.