November 09, 2017

Hillary Clinton Never Went To Wisconsin — Until Today For Her Book Tour

What (Really) Happened, Day #3

One of the wilder observations of 2016 was the fact that Hillary Clinton never (and I mean never) bothered to step foot in Wisconsin during the general election, even as Donald Trump’s voter base expanded throughout the Midwest.

The signs were there that voters in Wisconsin wanted face-to-face time with their candidates.

Trump, for his part, had hosted a rally in Eau Claire as recently as November 1. WISC-TV — the CBS affiliate in Madison — meanwhile, was running headlines one week before Election Day asking viewers: “Why hasn’t Clinton come to Wisconsin?”

People across the state expressed the same feeling of disregard after the election was over, with one woman telling Fox affiliate WITI-TV in Milwaukee, “We needed to see Hillary because she did not win in the primary [against Bernie Sanders].”

Luckily, Hillary Clinton will finally bless Wisconsin with her presence today — twelve months after she lost the most winnable election in American history — in order to promote her new book, appropriately titled “What Happened.”