November 20, 2017

Hillary Clinton Raked In More Lobbyist Money Than The Entire Republican Field Combined

What (Really) Happened, Day #9

In November 2015, so many Republican candidates were running for president that there was barely enough room to fit all of them on stage.

(Actually, there wasn’t enough room. There was a second stage for those who couldn’t fit.)

Around this time, Bernie Sanders was just starting to perfect his critiques of Hillary Clinton for her close ties to Wall Street and lobbyists, and his message was clearly gaining ground among Democratic primary voters. You’d think the Clinton campaign would have pumped the breaks on the K Street fundraising circuit.


Somehow — despite the enormous GOP field — Hillary Clinton managed to convince lobbyists to bundle more campaign donations for her than every single Republican candidate combined.

From The New York Post that month:

“Despite Hillary Rodham Clinton’s claims she’ll take on wealthy special interests and reform Wall Street, the road to her White House run has been paved with gold from Washington lobbyists.

“Records show Clinton has raked in $3.2 million from registered lobbyists, who bundle money from their rich clients.

“That’s 3½ times more in lobbyist cash than the entire GOP field combined, according to Federal Election Commission records.”


As a contrast: Nearly one decade earlier, then-Senator Barack Obama went so far as to ban the Democratic National Committee from even accepting money from lobbyists.

What a way to convince primary voters you’d uphold the Obama legacy!