November 06, 2017

New Website Goes Live Today: “One Year Of Hillary”

365 Answers To Hillary Clinton’s New Book, “What Happened”

ARIZONA — When former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched her book tour for “What Happened” in September 2017 — a multi-state blame game and score-settling tour — the reaction from her fellow Democrats was as expected: Please, let this nightmare end.

Instead of accepting reality and moving on from the 2016 election, Clinton’s book tour is her last-ditch attempt to rewrite history, blaming everyone from President Obama to Vice President Biden to Senator Sanders for the results of the race. She spent decades flip-flopping on vital issues, lying to the American public, and saying and doing anything to get elected, and still refuses to accept a blip of responsibility for the real reason she lost: Herself.

Unlike the Democrats Clinton is dragging through the mud, Republicans don’t want this book tour to end, ever. So today we’re launching a new project called “One Year of Hillary.” Each weekday for the next 365 days leading up to Election Day 2018, we’ll be sending out one email to “celebrate” Clinton’s storied career as the single most dishonest politician in modern history.

(You can sign up to receive the emails here.)

From dismissing the controversy over her private email server (“What, like with a cloth?”) to opposing school choice because, she claimed, what if someone’s parents “want to send [their] child to the School of the Jihad,” every morning will showcase another answer to the very question posed by her book’s title.

Our deepest apologies to the unnamed Clinton fundraiser who recently told The Hill, “Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the f— up and go away.”