November 22, 2017

The Democrat Party Was Wildly Out-Of-Touch With The Grassroots

What (Really) Happened, Day #11

Few things demonstrate the disconnect between the Democratic Party and grassroots groups better than Howard Dean’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

The former DNC chair wanted to jump on the Hillary Clinton train as early possible, writing an op-ed for POLITICO Magazine in December 2014 proudly announcing to the world that he was “Ready For Hillary.”

Dean was so excited about her candidacy that he formally endorsed her again (?) in September 2015 . . . just in case people forgot about the first one, which happened while Republicans were still popping champagne after winning the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana.

The thing is: The liberal group Howard Dean founded wasn’t exactly on board. At all.

From The Washington Times:

“The liberal PAC that Mr. Dean founded, Democracy for America, threw its support this month behind Mr. Sanders, raising increasingly pointed questions about whether the former governor and briefly the 2004 Democratic presidential front-runner had lost touch with the leftist base that propelled him to national prominence.

“The vote wasn’t even close. More than 200,000 Democracy for America members took part in a poll, and nearly 88 percent voted to endorse Mr. Sanders.”


Two days after Election Day 2016, Dean announced that he would be running for chairman of the Democratic National Committee.